Why do I get acne across the chin and jaw close to a period?

What’s that all about?

It’s pretty common to notice acne crop up close to a period. Where and when you get acne can give us a number of clues as to how to help treat from the inside out.

Acne that occurs this way is commonly due to the body converting progesterone across to the DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) as part of progesterone detoxification.

If Zinc levels in the body are inadequate or other detoxification issues are present, the more likely result is jawline acne.

Some quick and easy fixes for this is to jump on some Zinc (my favourite form is Zinc Picolinate for this) and to cut out excess use of dairy products or dairy all together.

FYI – many contraceptives hold copper in the body and this antagonises the action of Zinc. So you may need even more Zinc than you realise.

It can make a huge difference with some subtle tweaks.

Solution 1:

If skin overall isn’t too bad but could be better, grab yourself some Zinc Picolinate at 50mg and do for a month. PS. We’ve added a little selenium and B6 in ours to help even more!

Solution 2:

If skin is really quite bad, grab yourself some Zinc Pic 50mg and do the 10 day ‘GutRight’ Cleanse – the bugs in your gut dictate the bugs on your face. Always remembering final stage of detoxification is in the gut – so this MUST be working optimally!