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6 weeks to reset our bodies and increase our fitness  

Eat Meat and Vegetables, Some Nuts and Fruit, Little Starch, and… NO PROCESSED FOODS

This is NOT a weight loss challenge – it is a challenge to better our health and wellness, through eating only the BEST foods out there. Real food grows in the wild – the way nature intended. “Food-stuffs” are man-made creations that may resemble food but are truly not. We’re dropping that from our diets.

Will we see a loss of body fat during this challenge? Absolutely! However, that is simply a result of becoming healthier, by eating the way food was meant to be consumed… in it’s natural, unadulterated state. If you can’t hunt or gather it in the wild, it’s not something you should be eating. (You won’t find a packet of Tim Tams growing from a tree)

For this challenge, follow the Golden Rule above – Eat Meat and Veg…etc.
It’s truly as simple as that.
That will categorize 99% of foods to be Whole Foods or not.
For that 1%, the “Grey Area”, here’s our challenge-specific rules:

For anyone who is looking to make a change in their body...this pre-screen is a MUST.

**Say NO to:

• Sweeteners… honey, agave nectar, stevia, coconut sugar
• Alcohol
• Dairy… cream in the coffee, cheeses, yogurt
• Corn and corn products
• Unnaturally processed condiments, dressings, sauces, marinades, or spices (read the labels)
• Dried Fruit
• Rice, Quinoa
• Legumes (Peanuts, Beans, Soy, Chick Peas)
• Gum
• Canola, vegetable, soybean, grapeseed oils
• All protein bars as meals. Quest Bars, Paleo Bars etc
• Juicing fruit (blending is OK – fiber + vitamins are lost when juicing)
• All sport supplements that are not directly before, during, or after training
• Whey protein


Scoring will be based off the grading below. 
Measurements for Bodyfat (in store) are highly recommended!!! 
It is not a requirement of the challenge, but it is such valuable information to track your progress. 
To be eligible for prizes, we must get your measurements! 

For eating real food  For eating not too much  For eating mostly plants  For sleeping 7+ hours 
Real food was once alive and doesn’t come from a box or container. If it has a long shelf life it is a man-made, edible, food-like substance – not food.  Not too much means 3-4 meals a day, no seconds, and no snacking. We will rely on the portion controlled containers to measure our food. (see below for details)  Mostly Plants is just that! Every meal needs to consist mostly of vegetables. A plate should be covered with vegetables then the protein and starch can be added. The large section of the container is for vegetables but you are allowed unlimited vegetables at each meal.  Sleep is more important than working out. No amount of working out can undo the negative effects of a poor night’s sleep. 



4 Points 
Perfect day of eating. No cheats.

3 Points 
One minor slip. Milk in the coffee, condiments (salad dressing, mayo, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc), a tortilla chip, less than 7 hours sleep.

2 Points 
Significant slip, but not an entire meal:  One glass of wine or beer, finished your kid’s McDonalds, piece of bread at dinner.

1 Points 
Major slip. Pizza or pasta for dinner, 2 beers at a game, ice cream.

0 Points 
More than one solid cheat throughout the day. 2+ meals lost.


There is a chance for up to (3) Bonus Points per Day 

• 3 Meals a Day (Pre and Post-Workout Nutrition are exceptions)
• A WOD at Crossfit Townsville, or an approved CFTSV Travel WOD
• 50% of Each Meal is Vegetables. Fibrous Vegetables, not starches (such as sweet potatoes) 


If you are a male or female over 75kg you are allotted 4 trays per day. 
If you are a male or female under 75kg you are allotted 3 trays per day. 


Vegetables will go in the large part of your container. Each meal must have at least this many vegetables. To keep it simple, if it’s a vegetable eat it. Diversify what vegetables are on your plate from meal to meal and you are all set. 


Protein will go in one of the small compartments of your tray. The leaner the better. Grass-fed and organic are ideal. Wild-caught cold water fish are best. Eg Fish, Meat, Eggs 


Carbs will go in the other small compartment. We want to have nutrient-dense carbohydrates. Fruits and these starchy carbs will do that for us. Eg, Sweet Potato, Squash, Fruit 


A serving size of fat is the size of your thumb. Here are the healthy options like avocado, grass-fed butter, olive and avocado oil, and fish oil.  

“What about” Foods: 

  • NO cold cuts or cured meats 
  • NO almond or coconut flour 
  • NO Canola or Vegetable oil 
  • NO Oatmeal 
  • NO Quest bars, Paleo bars etc. 
  • Clean Bacon is “fat” 
  • Sweet Potato is fine (but not restaurant sweet potato fries… Born Wild Café’s are OK) 
  • Balsamic Vinegar can be used(“Vinaigrettes” commonly have added sugars). Try Coconut Amino sauces! 
  • Coconut, olive, avocado, and nut oils are good 
  • Coconut milk, almond milk (unsweetened) 
  • Nut butters must have no added ingredients other than salt 
  • Grass-Fed butter, Ghee, Nutritional Yeast, Baking Soda/Powder, Salt can be used 
  • Green Beans and Peas… but not chick peas! 
  • Coffee (black) and Tea (unsweetened), Soda/Sparkling Water 
  • Chicken and Beef broth/stock can be used 
  • Mustards and Hot Sauces made with natural ingredients (check labels for sugars, unhealthy oils).  



Very simply put pre and post workout supplements are focused on performance. If you are not where you want to be composition wise then performance is not the priority. For that reason if you are a man over 15 percent body fat or a woman over 22 percent body fat then you do not need to take pre or post workout supplements. If you going to take a pre and post workout, it must be consumed within 45 minutes of your workout. If taken outside this window then points will be deducted off your daily total.  


“ What about going out to dinner? ” 

It is not our goal to become anti-social cave-dwellers! Still go out and enjoy – just be selective with your orders. Every restaurant out there will have options for some sort of meat/seafood as the main course. Start with that, and ask for extra veggies for the sides. Good to go, and is in the clear for the challenge! 

Recipe Websites:

For anyone who is looking to make a change in their body...this pre-screen is a MUST.
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