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Women's Health Bundle

Women's Health Bundle

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The Women's Health Bundle was put together to address problems that are common to all women. These products are tried, tested and proven effective by hundreds of thousands of women around Australia and overseas. The pack is designed to get you back on your feet and more importantly, feeling like you should be, by addressing all facets of imbalance. As you feel better, your requirement for these products should and will lessen as the imbalances become corrected.

Venus  E-Tox– Is a Woman's best friend. Perfect for helping to ‘balancing hormones’ naturally. This completely natural formulation helps to lessen symptoms of PMS, Food and Sugar Cravings, Reduce heavy and painful periods, Headaches, lower abdominal bloating and weight related to oestrogenic areas such as Hips, Lower Belly, Bum, Thighs and Backs of Arms. Can also help with hormone-related mood disturbances such as anxiety, depression, dwelling, over thinking and lack of patience.

Adrenal Rx – A stress heads best friend. Helps to modulate the stress hormone Cortisol. Perfect for those who stress too much, feel frazzled, burnt out, like they’re not coping, having trouble switching off. Popularly used for people who suffer anxiety or high stress. When used correctly is also brilliant for sleep.

Vital Food – Fills nutritional gaps that are created by poor farming practices, lack of dietary variety or poor diet in general. Without key nutrients, we cannot expect our body to operate efficiently. Stress and poor hormone balance and poor diet also increase our nutrient requirement. This multi is also ‘food-based’ which is unlike 99% of other vitamins, which are synthetically made.

Z-Mag – Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium and Taurine. Essential nutrients that women need more of that our diet lacks. Zinc is perfect for immune system, hair-skin-nails, hormone balance. Magnesium is great for EVERYTHING, we just don’t get enough in our diet. Selenium and Taurine are key nutrients that help our bodies detoxify and help the thyroid work better.

The Women's Health Bundle is $119.90 and we’ll throw in a FREE Vital Food Powder.

NB. For more info or specific questions please get in touch with us at Australian Nutrition Centre as we can provide more specific advice about your particular requirements.