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Revival Endurance+ 1kg

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Endurance+ contains a dual blend of carbohydrates and an electrolyte powder that are plant based amino acids. These amino acids work synergistically to provide you large amounts of energy for performance whilst keeping you hydrated and topped up with the essential minerals to support your central nervous system (CNS).

During a workout, our bodies are constantly using energy to keep us performing at a high level. This energy is stored in our muscles and is known as muscle glycogen. The way we store energy in these muscles is through consuming carbohydrates which breakdown into glucose (and eventually stored as glycogen). This is where Endurance+ comes in, to provide us with that energy to train longer and harder.


Per serve (50g - 2 Scoops)

20g - Maltodextrin (50%)

20g - Dextrose Monohydrate (50%)

2000mg - Coconut Water Powder

350mg - Sodium

100mg - Potassium

50mg - Magnesium

50mg Calcium

Natural Flavours, Sweeteners & Colours

DirectionsMix 50g (2 scoops) per 500-600ml of water. Consume approximately (1-2 scoops) 30-60 minutes pre workout and (2 scoops) during your workout.