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Middle-Aged Starter Bundle
Middle-Aged Starter Bundle
Middle-Aged Starter Bundle
Middle-Aged Starter Bundle
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Middle-Aged Starter Bundle

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VitalFood - 2 Capsules daily

Food just isn't how it used to be, by topping up the right nutrients using our food-based Multi, we not only improve energy, we improve detoxification and hormone balance.

Thyroid Rx - 2 capsules three times a day with meals

This metabolic catalyst works to boost metabolism with cleverly selected herbs that take the handbrake off the metabolism and help stop those nasty food cravings.

Venus E-Tox - 2 capsules twice a day

This is a great support for those who are perimenopausal by helping balance the hormones that are starting to change. Expect improvements in mood, motivation and body shape.

Middle-Aged Women – the forgotten ones.

I’ve been meaning to address this topic for some time. In fact, I was going to do this as a SPECIAL next Mother’s day. But after talking to ‘Tracey’ one of my middle-aged clients, I was too moved to put it off any longer.

Tracey is one of my ‘typical’ middle-aged female clients who had been forgotten about (by herself).

Before she had kids, Tracey was a pretty active person and ate the typical meat and three vege, pastas, rice dishes, roasts – what we all grew up eating as a typical Aussie diet. She had kids when she was younger because that was the done thing, and they became her world.

Tracey's kids were her priority, and as soon as they were a little older, she went back in to work to help her husband pay the bills and so they could afford a few things they’d been holding out on whilst on one income. She was a frugal saver.

Tracey would spend her mornings getting the kids off to school, worked during the day, then picked the kids after school, took them to their activities, got home and cooked dinner. When they went to bed, she did the washing and ironing and other jobs that just needed to be done. She took pride in being a good wife and a good mother. She was great at it.

‘The kids came first’ – I always get told.

Tracey neglected her own health a little, prioritising her kids and other important things before herself. She felt tired and run down from time to time, but always put it down to being busy with the kids, busy being a parent. ‘Yes I felt pretty stressed, but that’s life, everyone’s the same, no use complaining about it’.

Over the years Jacqui would go to the Dr’s for a check-up, everything always came back fine when she got her bloods tested. When she mentioned she was tired, stressed and had gained some weight, people would say, ‘well you’ve got 3 kids, that’s to be expected’.

Determined to feel a little better and not wanting to start any medications, Tracey would try going a few nights without having a glass of wine, and tried going for walks. Jacqui felt better, but things got in the way, she fell off the wagon.

Tracey thought when her kids grew up and left home, she’d get herself sorted. She’ll go to the gym and eat better, and finally lose some weight. It will finally be her time to take care of herself.

Fast-forward 10 years and Tracey's kids have left home. Tracey is on an anti-depressant to manage her anxiety, she’s 15kg heavier than she’s ever been. The Dr tells her she is perimenopausal, her cholesterol is creeping up and her blood pressure is borderline.

Tracey knows what she needs to do, but can’t seem to get started properly and maintain consistency. Adding to that, she’s confused as to what she should eat and what she should do. She’s getting different advice from different people, different articles, different websites. Confused, overwhelmed, frustrated and not sure where to start, Tracey lands in my consult room, wanting a change, hoping I can help.

The reason I describe Tracey as ‘forgotten’, is because she forgot to look after herself all of those years. Now she’s left feeling helpless, and worse still, no one really understands how to help Middle-Aged Women feel better, balance their hormones and help them lose weight in a way that suits them.

The ‘middle-aged’ body is very different to that of a 20 or 30-something. So please recognise this difference and act accordingly.

Treating 40/50/60-somethings is one of our specialties and we’d love to get you to feel the way you’ve waited so long to feel.

Until the end of December we are offering a special for women just like Tracey to say thank you for being so selfless all of these years.

We’ll offer 15% off any product that may be purchased as part of our one-on-one consultations – just mention this offer when making the booking. Consultations are $120 and Yes, we do over-the-phone or video-chat consultations.

If you don’t quite think you need a booking but just want to pick our brain? Then send us a message or pop in store. Helping is our ‘Why’.

If you’d like to make a booking, visit - https://australian-nutrition-centre.cliniko.com/bookings#service