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When I go to parties and meet new people I tell them I am a bricklayer. If I tell them I am a naturopath I usually start getting bugged about ways of getting rid of pain. When we have director’s meetings, new product development meetings, lunch, dinner and any meeting really I usually get hit up by someone in the meeting to do something about their pain. So many people have pain.

I developed Dragon’s Breath purely to have something to palm off to them to rub on so they can leave me alone. I don’t want to rub people and treat people and pretend to care about their pain. We all get pain. I get pain; but I use Dragon’s breath to get rid of it. So I brought some in to work one day and when my business partner started whinging about his hip I threw it at him. I had made it in a roll on because I got sick of having it on my hands.

So what is Dragon’s breath? Who cares really?

If you have pain; rub it on and the pain goes away. If your shoulder is frozen and won’t move it frees it up and it moves. It works really fast and stops people complaining. It works so well and so fast it is important not to forget you have an injury. The point of the product is to allow you to function while strengthening and rehabilitating an injury.

How does it work?

It has a number of different active ingredients so it can effectively target pain from nerve, muscle, joint and general inflammation.

The main pain reliever is capsaicin. Capsaicin binds to and blocks pain receptors. As it binds it makes a warm sensation (not crazy hot) and then it blocks the pain, any type of pain.

Hypericum oil is also included to specifically target nerve pain.

Peppermint and Black pepper essential oils help to increase the penetration of the actives and along with wintergreen oil it smells great.

Lastly it contains a rarely used Australian native Kunzea ambigua. Kunzea is brilliant as an anti-inflammatory and has an accumulative effect over time to help healing and integrity of joint capsule, ligaments and tendons. It helps to break down the calcifications in old injuries. After all I am still a naturopath and while I want to get rid of your pain and shut you up I also want to work at treating the cause and allow you to gradually get better and better.

It comes in a “roll-on” device which feels really good when using it for trigger points and massaging and a heap of other cool stuff but just quietly I put in a roll on because I am sick of touching people and sick of having burning eyes and genitals from having liniment on my hands.

Dragon’s Breath™ contains Kunzea ambigua essential oil, peppermint oil, wintergreen oil, black pepper essential oil, Hypericum perforatum infused oil, capsicum extract in carrier oil base with penetration enhancers, conveniently packaged in a roll-on device to reduce contact with hands and subsequently eyes or other sensitive areas.

Directions for use:

Apply externally. Best used before, during and after exercise; before bed; after showers morning and night.

Keep away from children.

Keep away from eyes and sensitive areas.

Manufacturer Manufactured in Australia using local and imported ingredients at a GMP certified facility for ATP Science Pty Ltd


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