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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Eat less, move more! There is absolutely no substitute for diet and exercise. But what if you were doing those things without results? That would be pretty frustrating and unfortunately, extremely common! What we do at ANC and in the clinic is work out what your handbrakes are. It can be as simple as changing what you’re eating (some ‘healthy’ foods just may not be right for you), rebalancing your sex or stress hormones or resetting your digestion. Most of the time we discover there is an imbalance in sex hormones, when you get the hormones balanced, weight loss happens! 

The ANC Diet Clinic

We started the ANC Diet Clinic because we knew you needed us.

We’re every day people just like you, we know how hard it can be to manage your weight – but it doesn’t have to be. We too, had fallen victim to all sorts of wonderful marketing, pills, potions and programmes.

We WANT to be different, in fact our reputation and success depends on it. At the ANC Diet Clinic we’re different because we practice Functional Medicine, not sales or marketing. Functional Medicine means that we address the many handbrakes that may be preventing you from looking and feeling the way you want to. We treat the client, not the symptoms.

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