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Real Food Challenge

Real Food Challenge

Join the 2019 Challenge

6 weeks to reset our bodies and increase our fitness  

Eat Meat and Vegetables, Some Nuts and Fruit, Little Starch, and… 



This is NOT a weight loss challenge – it is a challenge to better our health and wellness, through eating only the BEST foods out there. Real food grows in the wild – the way nature intended. “Food-stuffs” are man-made creations that may resemble food but are truly not. We’re dropping that from our diets.


Will we see a loss of body fat during this challenge? Absolutely! However, that is simply a result of becoming healthier, by eating the way food was meant to be consumed… in it’s natural, unadulterated state. If you can’t hunt or gather it in the wild, it’s not something you should be eating. (You won’t find a packet of Tim Tams growing from a tree)


For this challenge, follow the Golden Rule above – Eat Meat and Veg…etc.
It’s truly as simple as that.
That will categorize 99% of foods to be Whole Foods or not.
For that 1%, the “Grey Area”, here’s our challenge-specific rules:


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