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We go out of our way to serve Defence members.

In fact, our first employee was an ex-2RAR infantry Private named Darren, who really opened our eyes up to what life is like in Defence, and the sacrifices that he and his friends had made not only overseas but during day-to-day defence life. Most of it going completely unnoticed to ‘civvies’.

Because of Darren, we went out of our way to really understand what defence members endure and more importantly what they need to outperform others.

Darren pointed out to us that the information available to serving members is pretty poor, and let’s be honest, as defenders of our country, our most elite people, we need to ensure defence members are nourished properly and performing at their best – all of the time.

Enhancing performance for Defence Members is something we’re not only passionate about, we’re great at it. We went out of our way to become this.

We get what you need, and we provide defence-friendly solutions that might not be what you expect. For example, most places that market to defence members focus on proteins and preworkouts. This is only half of what it takes to be elite.

At ANC we consider all the little things from managing stress and sleep hormones, adequate nutrient intake, enhanced recovery and injury prevention as well as improved energy, focus and cognition.

So this is why we’re pleased to offer all serving members 10% – because we want to give back to those who give so much to us!


10% Store Wide

Get 10% off all products – 24/7 online & in-store. We will also notify you of any exclusive Defence Member Sales.

Metal Loyalty Card

Plastic just doesn’t reflect how much we appreciate you. Defence Memberships receive a custom Metal loyaly Card mailed to you with your name.

Tailored Health Info

We understand Defence Members lifestyle is not normal. So we will endeavour to share articles and health information relevant to your field.


Fill in the form below to become a ANC Defence Loyalty Member and receive 10% off all product purchases.

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