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Women and Adrenal Fatigue – Why is it so common?

As women, we are notoriously too capable. We work hard to build successful careers, relationships and often juggle family commitments. Of course, we shrug it off as being fine and we’re happy to do it. But in the process, we accidentally sacrifice ourselves.

It’s easy to assume feeling anxious, wired and exhausted is because of everything we do in a day. Or because we lack the time to get it all done. We think things will get better once we get a chance to relax and get on top of things. But often it doesn’t.


Because of imbalanced hormones. You see our hormones are all connected, like one big happy family, so whatever happens to one effects the others.

We begin to feel a constant wired rush all the time, and may rely on alcohol to unwind. We struggle to have a proper night sleep, either getting to bed late or waking at 2-3am. Then we start the day irritable and tired. We push through the day with little joy, drive or motivation. Like a one foot in front of the other mentality. We rely on sugar and salty foods or caffeine for a quick energy fix. Suddenly we gain a few kilos, then the bedroom mojo disappears, PMS symptoms worsen and everyday tasks are draining. Finally, our ability to handle stress goes out the window and we lose it at everyone and everything.

Sound familiar?? The symptoms I’ve just described are due to Adrenal Fatigue and I see it every single day. The good news is there’s lots we can do to address the stress and get you back on track.

At ANC, we approach disease prevention and management through a multidimensional lens. We focus on restoring balance by addressing any nutrient deficiencies, removing inflammatory foods and of course, providing nutritional and supplemental support to help rebalance your hormones.

By emphasising a holistic approach, we can guide and educate you towards leading a better, more balanced life while addressing the root cause of your health issues. We’ve helped countless women, just by looking at things from a different angle. It’s easier than you think, when you understand the drivers.

You can visit me or any of our ‘hormone whisperers’ in store 7 days a week. If you think things are a little more complex, then perhaps booking in for a consultation with James is the way to go.