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Ways to Support our Immune System

How do we know our immune formulas work?

Well one of our ‘concoctions’, ‘Herbal Head Cold’, really tastes disgusting. Hold your nose, slam it down, shake your head, chase with water disgusting. But yet, people come back for more and more of it, as soon as they feel something coming on. It’s not something you would take for the fun of it.  

Supporting our immune system is hot topic at the moment. And with everything that is happening in the world, keeping our body in top shape to defend off any infection is key.  

When I talk to our patients about their immune system, I think of it like a tiny army in our body, ready to go to war at any moment. Now to support this army, we need to supply it with key nutrients to help with the number of troops and ability to patrol. Conversely, we also need it to be relaxed and not over active if there isn’t any danger. 

So how do we keep this immune army operating efficiently? 

FUEL - Supply it with key nutrients – Eat a healthy diet full of fresh vegetables, fruit, healthy fats, legumes and spices goes a long way. Some may even benefit from supplementation. Key nutrients like ZINC, VITAMIN C and VITAMIN D are game changers. When sick, our requirement for these nutrients' skyrockets. 

Don’t feed it junk – Comes from the mantra, you are what you eat. Eating processed and high sugar foods isn’t going to give your immune system adequate fuel to fight off any invasion, and worse, sugar can actually suppress immune function.  

Supply it with the right weapons - Naturopathically we can use immune supporting herbs, such as olive leaf, and reishi mushrooms. I’m also a huge fan of elderberry. Elderberry can help stop a virus from spreading around the body,and makes it much easier for our immune cells to destroy.  

Reduce stress – High levels of stress (particular cortisol) act by suppressing the immune system and your line of defense. Easier said than done, but stress can undo any healthy plan. Speak to one of us for a more tailored plan on stress hormone modulation that suits your particular circumstance.  

Reduce unnecessary inflammation -  this can be done by reducing processed and sugary foods in your diet (as mentioned), gut healing, weight management, or anti-inflammatory herbs such as Curcumin and Boswellia can assist.  

Get moving – Exercise helps moves your lymphatic system and why not do this outside to get sunshine and fresh air. We get the most vitamin D sun exposure, and this helps support your immune system immensely.  

All in all, it comes back to the basics. Year on year, and now more than ever, getting your immune system in great shape is hugely important. These things do work and our patients are always amazed at the difference it can make.  

If you'd like more info, just ask!