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Rushing Women’s Syndrome

Rushing Women’s Syndrome

Truth be told, by the time they’re seeing me, the damage is often a little beyond what just ‘slowing down’ can fix. This is where I get the pleasure of looking like a magician. Even the husbands become curious as to how I got their wife back to how she was when they first met.

The term ‘Rushing Woman’s Syndrome’ was coined by Dr Libby Weaver. It evolved out of her observation of women’s health being drastically affected by the constant rush that many women now live in. “Never before have I seen the extent of reproductive system problems that I know see. Women are tired and wired. Sex-hormone based health problems such as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis, infertility, debilitating menopauses and exhaustion have never been greater, and the role of stress in this is undeniable when you look at both the body’s chemistry and the scientific research.” (Weaver, 2011)

I too have noticed this change. Women recognise it, but ‘slowing down’ isn’t an option if you ask them.

We recommend things like meditation, breathing deeply, relaxation, and smiling and laughing throughout the day. But what if we don’t have time for it all?

Over the years of being a ‘rushing woman’ myself, I’ve learnt a few tricks and am more than happy to share my secrets – especially for those women whom can’t afford to just ‘slow down’, meditate, relax, get massages etc.

We start out by assessing where things are breaking down, and support the body accordingly. For example, with me, my digestion was always out of whack. It was affecting my skin, my sleep and my menstrual cycle. Turns out I also had a thyroid problem to top it all off. So I started by changing some things in my diet, and started supporting my gut with healing herbs and used adaptogen herbs and vitamins for my adrenal system. Before long I was able to sleep through, wake up feeling refreshed and more energetic. I realised that I could actually get more done and be more efficient, just by feeling better.

That’s the catch when you’re a busy woman who is burnt out and tired, you get so caught up you become less efficient in what you need to do and this only puts more pressure on you.

Fast forward 6 months and my psoriasis started to clear, my periods were back to normal and I could #GSD (get sh*t done) because I finally had the energy and motivation.

If you can resonate with this then I’d love to help you. I know how shitty it is to feel like you’re stuck in the merry-go-round with no stop in sight. But trust me when I say, it doesn’t have to be like that. I can help you feel like you again.

Written by Nicole Rose (Naturopath)