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Let’s prevent aging

Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the magic pill to wind back the age clock and turning 30 last year means I’m moving into the “middle-age” criteria. I’m now more determined than ever to look after my skin. I want to try and prevent those crows feet, liver spots and frowning lines and bring back the “bounce” that was in my skin.

To bring back the elasticity in your skin we automatically think, Collagen. Don’t get me wrong, collagen is fantastic and it’s vital for your hair, skin and nails. But I’m not leaving anything to chance. I want my skin to stay as youthful as I can! As well as the collagen, I’ve added Sea Buckthorne to my beauty regimen.

What is Sea Buckthorne you say?! This little beauty is packed with fantastic nutrients, a whole range of omegas, reduces inflammation, increases skin moisture and my favourite, it boosts elasticity of the skin!

So it’s really useful for any skin type, young acne-prone, irritated red psoriasis skin, flaky dry skin and mine, middle-aged, stressed, working mother who wants to stay looking like she was in her 20’s.