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Jacqui's Coeliac Story

As a parent, it’s our jobs to help our kids when they are unwell. Little did I know that my son’s diagnosis with Coeliac Disease over 6 years ago would ignite my passion for Nutrition and finding the ‘root cause’ of health issues.
As a mum I noticed a decline in his energy levels, despite him sleeping up to 10 hours a night. He would bruise quite easily, rush to the bathroom each time he ate and was experiencing brain fog and poor recall each day. His schooling was affected, and he went from progressing in the classroom, meeting reading benchmarks to a complete reversal where he was unable to recognise words he previously knew.
So, I did what many parents do, I started researching, trying to find answers.
Fortunately, I was able to narrow it down quickly and our GP requested pathology straight away. The results came back positive for Coeliac Disease as well as Iron deficiency anemia and he was officially diagnosed one month later via endoscopy.
Currently the only ‘cure’ for Coeliac Disease is to follow a strict Gluten Free diet; allowing the body to heal. Once starting a GF diet, we noticed a complete reversal of symptoms. His energy levels and schooling improved and he no longer had unexplained bruises and dark circles under the eyes.
Avoiding gluten is one thing, but there is also the management of the gut lining itself. Due to the nature of being a coeliac and being faced with accidental exposure, we’ve found it really important to take specialised nutrients that can not only reduce inflammation, but heal the gut lining to ensure systemic effects are minimised’
Fast-forward to today and it’s something he actively manages himself, including others at school and in the community. He is the 2021 School Captain and Oonoonba State School and is an academic at heart with a passion for science and basketball.
I believe that as parent’s we know our children best and why I take the time to listen to your concerns to find the ‘root cause’ in my role at Australian Nutrition Centre.
If you would like more information or curious about how I can help, you can book in for a consultation.