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Is there anything natural to prevent Mastitis?

During the week I had one of my close friends contact me to see if there was anything she can take to help prevent Mastitis. This would be her third recurrent Mastitis infection. She’s done the antibiotics, changed her feeding regimen, however, felt there could be something she can take to prevent it from reoccurring yet again. More importantly, why was it happening in this pregnancy but not the one before? 

Now if you’ve ever had this in your breast-feeding journey, it’s horrendous!! It’s not only painful but it compromises your whole body with chills, fevers and generally feeling ill. It’s a horrible feeling when you’re trying to look after a little one, or in my friend’s case 2 kiddliwinks (she has a 2.5 year old as well). 

The WHO defines Mastitis as an inflammatory condition called Lactational mastitis. It’s most common during the first three months of breastfeeding and usually starts with poor milk drainage that can lead to infection. This can be from nipple trauma, compression and swelling of the ducts, cracked nipples, pressure on the breast form seat belts or tight bras, inconsistent feedings and maternal stress and fatigue.  

But knowing my friend, she was already on top of the regular feeding, wearing loose clothes (care-free no bra attitude) and had already sought out a lactation consultant to ensure her little bud was latching correctly. She wasn’t sure on what she could take to help “Thin Out” her milk so it doesn’t become blocked again! 

I told her to get onto some ‘Lecithin’ as I know this has helped so many women. In fact, it was mastitis-suffering women who first brought lecithin to my attention, not something I had known about prior.  

Lecithin is a substance that helps keep fats and oils in suspension so it doesn’t clump together (you can call it an emulsifier). So essentially it prevents breastmilk from becoming STICKY! You might even see lecithin as a common ingredient in many of the foods you buy. 

You commonly find Lecithin naturally in egg yolks, soybeans, peanuts and milk. 

It can also be supplemented with the suggested dose being 1.2 g four times a day to prevent recurrent plugged ducts.  

My friend went for the Sunflower Lecithin supplement form (she is allergic to eggs and peanuts) and thankfully months later she hasn’t had another infection after 3 months on the trot of reoccurring infections!  

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