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I personally LOVE treating sleep and anxiety, because the results are so immediate and satisfying.

When a patient is stressed, anxious and not sleeping, I get concerned. I know how toxic this is to a person and their quality of life, not to mention their health.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t ‘it just is what it is’ or ‘your best option is a sleeping tablet’.

Let’s use my friend as an example.

She was having lots of stress and anxiety from work, and just couldn’t switch off.

She was waiting for things to get better at work, but they just weren’t. It was affecting her training, her weight, her mood. She wasn’t herself anymore and people were starting to mention it to her.

She was feeling herself slip in to a deep downward spiral and decided to visit her GP before things got worse.

Her GP suggested that she speak to a psychologist and had also prescribed her an anti-anxiety medication.

My friend thought the Psychologist was a good idea, but she wasn’t keen on the medication just yet. She’d been on antidepressants before but didn’t like the side effects – especially feeling numb and the weight gain.

She asked for my help because she wanted to try something natural.

So what did we do?

With INSOMNIA, there’s usually two types.

Trouble getting to sleep, and/or
Trouble staying asleep.

My poor friend had both and BOTH are treated differently.

If you understand how the body works, it makes treatment more strategic and more successful.

The stress hormones from the day push the body in to a state of ‘survival mode’ – preventing the body from moving in to relaxation.

So we MUST quieten the stress hormones down, allowing the brain to have that same deep sigh of relief (the sort that a glass of wine can give).

This allows the body to engage sleep properly, as if there wasn’t the stress in the first place – especially when we get the sleep hygiene right.

So what about staying asleep?

Over the years I’ve found improving deeper phases of sleep and staying asleep is best done by helping improve serotonin release. This means patients not only get in to the deeper phases of sleep, we STAY there.

What would it mean to you if you could get to sleep faster, and wake up feeling refreshed?

For my friend, I’m happy to report she’s knows exactly what this feeling is.

If this resonates with you and you want our help. Send us a message or pop in to have a chat! This is our Jam.