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Insomnia – not looking forward to another week of dodgy sleep?

With INSOMNIA, there are usually two types.

Trouble getting to sleep, and/or
Trouble staying asleep.

BOTH are treated differently.
If you understand how sleep chemistry works, it makes treatment more strategic and more successful.
The stress hormones from the day push the body into a state of ‘survival mode’ – preventing the body from moving into relaxation.

So we MUST quieten the stress hormones down before going to bed, allowing the brain to have that same deep sigh of relief (the sort that a glass of wine can give).
This allows the body to engage sleep properly as if there wasn’t the stress in the first place – especially when we get the sleep hygiene right.

For this, we often use herbs to help quieten cortisol.

So what about staying asleep?

Over the years, I’ve found improving deeper phases of sleep and staying asleep is best done by helping improve serotonin and melatonin release. This means patients not only get into the deeper phases of sleep; we STAY there.

The right nutrients at the right time often allow us to achieve this. A strategy which is much more pleasant than being tranquilised, meaning you can wake up feeling refreshed, not drowsy.

What would it mean to you if you could get to sleep faster, and wake up feeling refreshed?