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How to chill when stress hits.

How to chill when stress hits.

I love my life how it is, but I hadn’t always coped very well. Being me is busy, long hours and with great intensity.

You see, being busy, even if things are going well, is still stressful. Then when things don’t go well, it seems to hit you like a tonne of bricks.

What sort of health professional would I be if I didn’t walk the walk?

With my life as chaotic as it is, I’ve learnt a few tricks to ensure I continue to cope with high levels of stress and pressure, without crumbling or turning into a monster.

I was recently reminded how important how my ‘herbs’ were to me when my ‘wife-to-be’ took them with her to Sydney for a course for a week.

I thought to myself, no big deal, I have heaps at work I’ll just grab more. Except I didn’t grab more. I kept forgetting in the chaos of being a ‘single dad’ for 6 days. (PS. Praise to all the parents out there who look after their children on their own for extended periods of time – YOU ARE AMAZING)

I was organised with my son, he was behaving, everything should have felt good.

I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something didn’t quite feel right.

This morning it dawned on me. I have been without my ‘herbs’ for days. So, I quickly rushed in to work on the way back from daycare, grabbed a bottle, opened them then and there and within the hour, I felt ‘normal’ again.

When the ‘wife-to-be’ gets back I’ll be as chill and calm as when she left. She’ll be none-the-wiser (only that she’ll read this).

Lesson Learned – Don’t go without your stress herbs James!

Now these ‘herbs’ are Ashwaghanda, Schisandra, Rhodiola and Turmeric. All found in a product called Cort Rx. Now I know I seem to be promoting this product like a mad man, but it’s easy to. It just works. It’s changed that many lives for people, I genuinely think everyone should have a bottle of it because our lives these days are too stressful, and it doesn’t need to have the impact it does on us.

Life is stressful at times.

And often, that stress isn’t something you can control.

When stress goes high, our adrenal glands respond with increasing cortisol levels. Cortisol in excess can lead to…
• Death of brain cells & memory issues
• Sleep disturbance and insomnia
• Anxiety, irritability, mood swings
• Blood sugar imbalances and “hangry” attacks
• Belly fat + muscle loss…um, like we need one more thing bringing us down?

Take a breath and please don’t panic! When you know the impact this can have then you can begin to make shifts to improve your health.

For me, 3 caps a day of Cort Rx helps me have energy all day without the panic button needing to be hit every 10 minutes.

I also include a scoop of Magtaur Xcell (a practitioner strength Zinc, Magnesium and B-Complex) with my shake to provide my adrenal glands with the nutrients they need to do their job, plus what my brain needs to help keep sharp.

If I’m really wired at night, I take 2 caps of Cort Rx about 30-60 minutes before bed. When I get in bed I focus on my breath until I fall asleep.

Do you have a Cort Rx saviour story to share with us?