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Based on the response we’ve had to our recent post on hormones affecting mood, it’s made it clear you all want more information about this.

So here it is! I’ve created a little checklist:

One of my clients today described herself as ‘I don’t feel like myself anymore’ and ‘I feel like my hormones are controlling me’.

They’re pretty despairing words for me to hear.

So of course, I MUST help and share this knowledge, in the event in may help others.

The two major sex hormones that affect the mood are Progesterone and Oestrogen.

Let’s talk Progesterone first.

Progesterone is a powerful DOPAMINE activator. Dopamine is intrinsically linked to our reward centre. If our progesterone is low, our dopamine activity can be low.

Signs of Low Dopamine can include are:
– Addictive tendencies
– Low libido
– Lacking motivation
– Depression
– Mental exhaustion
– Forgetfulness

Signs of Low Progesterone can include:
– Spotting
– Clots in periods
– Irregular periods
– Jawline Acne

Oestrogen can not only affect our Dopamine, it can also have influence on our Serotonin.

Signs of Low Serotonin can include:
– Depression
– Anxiety
– OCD tendencies
– Carbohydrate cravings
– Frequent Constipation
– Insomnia
– Low Self-Esteem
– Impulsive Tendencies

Signs of excess Oestrogen include:
– Heavy or painful periods
– Clots in periods
– Sugar/Chocolate cravings
– Fluid retention or weight gain, especially around lower abdomen

So if this sounds like you, please don’t settle for feeling lousy. Something can be done, you just need to be listened to and speak to people who know what needs to be done.

James our Pharmacist or Nicole our Naturopath are available in store for consultation to tailor a plan for your specific needs.

Don’t have time for a chat? Then send us a message to find out what our recommendations would be.