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Fungal Acne in Teenage Boys

Fungal Acne 


I want to bring to your attention Fungal Acne! Yep it’s a thing and I’ve been seeing it a lot in my clinic with young teenagers, especially boys! Fungal acne is seen as breakouts that just won’t budge! They display as clusters of inflamed white head pimples that gather around the T-zone, chest and back (I’ve seen them on the legs as well).  

The stand out difference between fungal acne and bacterial acne is that they can be itchy! Which makes it frustrating to treat because it looks so much like regular acne! Just as you can’t attack a cold virus with antibiotics and expect improvements, you can’t treat fungal acne with traditional acne medications.  


Your skin is an important indicator of what’s happening on the inside. Looking your best on the surface is a clear signal that everything’s working well in your body. It’s our job to figure out what adjustments need to be made so that you can look and feel amazing every single day.  by Dave Asprey 


So how do you treat it? 

Firstly, we want to stop the spread!  

  • So remember to regularly wash your gym clothes, sweaty work uniforms, pillow covers and towels with hot water and sunlight exposure.  
  • Remove wet workout clothes immediately after exercising and clean them regularly. If you wear protective gear such as shoulder pads, striking gear (like shin pads), athletic skins etc, give them a bit of sunlight! It helps reduce the spread and odor! 
  • Wear breathable fabrics. Synthetic materials can be irritating and contribute to oil production on chest and back.  
Restore your skin’s microbiome back to normal balance! 
  • Antifungals might be a quicker fix, but to keep fungal acne away long-term you need to pay attention to your good bacteria. This is where we look at your gut! Yep, your microbiome in your gut balances the microbiome in other parts of your body, including your skin.  
  • Cut out sugar and limit carbohydrates. Fungi love sugar and simple carbs that convert to sugar in your body. If you starve them, they won’t hang around for long (this is where Gut Right comes in handy). 
  • Reduce inflammation and heal the skin. A good dose Zinc and Omega 3 is a trick I use to help balance the skin. By calming the fire, it allows your skin to heal and prevent deeper issues (cysts and scarring). 

Not sure what acne is yours (or are you sick of constantly saying “stop picking your face”), Book in for an Inside-Out Skin assessment. We can assess, advice, inform and tell them NOT TO PICK!