Ever noticed your mood drop when it’s dark and gloomy? – Australian Nutrition Centre

Ever noticed your mood drop when it’s dark and gloomy?

Ever noticed how your mood can drop when it’s dark and gloomy? Ever wondered why?

The D: Are you getting enough?

Most people are shocked to learn their Vitamin D isn’t high enough. Even those self-proclaimed sun lovers.

Getting enough Vitamin D has become a passion point for me, because so often we don’t have enough, yet it’s one of the most powerful nutrients for our body.

Trust me, when we get it right, great things happen. Just ask my patients.

Why do I love it so much?

IT FIXES EVERYTHING (just about) and makes me look like a magician!

Here in Aus the beautiful sunny continent with sun all year round we don’t expect to ever be D-ficient (see what I did there). But we are.

Reference ranges for Vitamin D (25(OH)D) range from 50nmol/L to 150nmol/L and your GP is stoked if you fit in that range.

Most of my patients land anywhere from low 50’s to 80’s, but only twice EVER have I had a patient who was over 100nmol/L.

But….clever Vit D researchers believe maintaining serum levels greater than 100nmol/L really is much better.

I agree!

More and more these days I’m using Vitamin D to treat things like Mental Health, Immune System, Auto-Immunity, Pain and Hormones.

So to anyone reading this who wants to feel better in more ways than one, get your D checked.

If you’re a Doctor or Practitioner reading this, take note of the reference ranges – aim to get your patients above 100nmol/L.

Take note that standard once daily dosing of Vit D is rarely enough. Hit us up if you’d like to know just how much you should be getting and for what conditions.