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Adult Acne: Case Study

Veronica came to us upset with her skin. She had developed adult acne which was progressively getting worse. Whilst she was concerned about her appearance, Veronica took this as a sign that something wasn’t right with her body. 

She visited her GP who ran some basic bloods, which didn’t reveal anything untoward. The GP suggested a course of antibiotics for Veronica, but after having side effects with them in the past, she was wanting to try a different approach first.

Upon questioning, we discovered Veronica was very stressed. She had both of her children at home, whilst she did the bookwork and administration for her husband’s business. Her skin appeared to worsen during periods of higher stress.

Her diet was quite good, low in sugar and little dairy (two foods notorious for causing acne) and everything else seemed quite normal. Her digestive system was operating well, with little bloating and regular bowel motions.


The acne seems most exacerbated by stress and follows the typical ‘stress pattern’ of the forehead. She had some acne through the jawline, but not localised to any particular area other than forehead. Veronica described it as ‘a little bit of everything, some is a really cystic feeling’.

Stress hormones (in particular cortisol) can not only increase sebum (oil) production, they can also disrupt the skin's natural antiseptic properties. Most significantly, we also see excess amounts of the stress hormone ‘Cortisol’, often disrupt detoxification and production of certain sex hormones and alter digestion.

Stress also creates a greater nutrient requirement on the body, including nutrients that are helpful for the skin including Zinc, Vitamin C, Magnesium and B-vitamins.


  • Herbal blend to lower Cortisol containing Turmeric, Rhodiola, Schisandra and Withania three times a day.
  • Zinc Picolinate 50mg at night – to help sterilise the skin and improve hormone balance (including lowering sebum production)
  • N-Acetyl-Cysteine 600mg twice a day – improves detoxification.
  • Meditation when time allows.


At our month follow-up, Veronica's skin had almost completely cleared. She was stoked and reported that whilst she was even busier with work and the kids, she felt less stressed. 

‘I don’t know what’s in those capsules, but I seem to drop my bundle less’.

Veronica was sleeping better and feeling much better within herself.

‘I didn’t realise just how much stress was affecting me, until I did something about it’.

Take home points: Skin doesn’t always need to be treated topically and is very much a representation of overall health. This holistic approach was not only able to help fix the skin; we were able to help address the underlying causes.

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