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6 Week Challenge – INFO NIGHT 28th of MARCH – Diet Starts 1st of April

Hi guys,

We have been asked when we’ll be running our next GROUP CHALLENGE – Well here it is!

We’ve now put over 1000 people through the protocol with great results but want to take it to the next level by adding in more structured support with a Facebook Support Group, weekly or daily check-ins, and optional extras like our INBODY 570 Body Fat Analysis Scan, and photos included for FREE.

During the whole protocol you’ll be supervised by our Pharmacist and Naturopath. We really believe this protocol is great for those looking to kickstart weight loss when nothing else has worked. If you’re unsure if it will work for you, then please check with us! We do admit this protocol won’t suit everyone, hence we’d like to get to know you a little better first to make sure its suitable.

So, what’s the diet?
Our diet begins with 3 weeks of a low-calorie diet where you will enter ketosis – using your own fat for fuel. During this phase, most people do not feel hungry, feel clean, clear and can expect to lose 6 to 12 kilograms without exercise. As well as food, we include nutritional support to make sure your energy remains high, and that you aren’t missing any nutrients by restricting foods. The next three weeks is where you begin to reset your metabolism by slowly bringing more and more food back in each day. As you may have been told before, food drives metabolism, so we must increase your food intake to boost your metabolism to even higher than when you first started. IF we don’t do this, this becomes just another yo-yo diet. We hate yo-yo gimmick diets!

Not only does this diet get weight off, clients maintain their muscle, reset their hormones, their digestive system as well as getting a nice detox along the way.

The cost of the protocol will be $350, which includes all the products you’ll need, the INBODY 570 Body Analysis scan, info night with our Naturopath Nicole, and our full support as mentioned above.

Many who will be reading this may have already completed the protocol, if you have and think it might be useful to any of your friends, please share with them how it went.

Some clients may be eligible for health fund rebates too.

More specific info on the diet available here

To register your interest email , phone us on 0747554999, or message us on the socials like Facebook.



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